Check here for the latest post-wedding updates!!!

12/1/01 After several months of neglect, I finally made a few more updates to the site.  I have added pictures of our invitations, program, the wedding script, and a few other things in the Miscellaneous section of the Photo Gallery.   Part of the reason I have neglected to update this site lately, is because I have a new website devoted to the house we are currently having built.  I have also added a few more photos to the reception section of the photo gallery.  It is hard to believe we have been married over a year already!!!
4/21/01 After a few problems getting the website transferred over to a new web server, I think it is finally up and running again!   I had to get a new hit counter, so we had to start from zero again...  

I have added pictures in the "Volume 3" section of the reception photos.   I still have tons of photos to post though.  Eventually, I will put a few select photos from the honeymoon, bridal shower, etc..  as well.  

Ben and I recently entered a Star Wars Costume contest here in Houston at the Museum of Fine Arts.  There is currently a Star Wars Exhibit going on at the museum, and the costume contest was like a promotional thing.  Ben placed 1st, and his dad placed 3rd in the 1st round of semi-finals.  I placed 2nd in the 3rd round of semi-finals.   So, all three of us got to go to the Finals on April 8th, 2001.    However, we were all beat out by a 2 yr old Jawa from Austin.    Ben received 2nd place in the finals, and I tied for 3rd with a Stormtrooper.   There were lots of other cool costumes there too, including a couple of Boba Fetts, Queen Amidala in the white celebration gown, and of course a few Darth Mauls...  Thanks to Dave & Leigh Stovall for helping us out with the finals, and to Jon Zahn for cheering us on!  Unfortunately, not even the force can beat the cuteness factor of children... =P     There are pictures from the contest on the Star Wars Kids website.

12/25/00 Well, it has been over two months since we got married, and my father has informed me that it is about time I added some more photos to the website... =P    So I have added more photos to the photo gallery page, and will try to add more photos as I receive them and get time to scan them in.  The photographs taken by the photographer are no longer online, but I will try to post as many pictures taken by the family and guests as possible.  If you have any good photos that you think would be good for the web page, please e-mail me an electronic copy, or send them to me and I can scan them in and return them to you.    We are hoping to get our wedding video in sometime in January, so, we are hoping to have a few viewing parties at our house when it comes in, and will also try to post it on the website if possible...

We are still missing the majority of the disposable cameras from the wedding, so please spread the word, that if anyone has any of these, we would very much like them, or at least some double prints... =)  We are also missing the cake toppers from our wedding cake (Queen Amidala and Darth Vader figures - about 4-5 inches tall), so if anyone happens to know where they are, we would very much like to know!!!

Thank You notes were sent out at the beginning of December, so hopefully everyone that gave us a gift, has received one by now.  If not, please let us know, as there were a few gifts with no name tags at the wedding, and we would very much like to know who they are from, so that we can properly thank everyone!!  =)

10/29/00 Wow - It's hard to believe we have been married over 3 weeks now!!!   BIG THANKS to everyone that came to the wedding - especially those that assisted us with the decorating and/or traveled from other states to be there!    The night seems like somewhat of a blur to me, and I felt really bad that it felt like I only had 5 seconds to talk to everyone... =P  We were really impressed with many of the costumes - I will add pictures of these in the near future as well!   

The Honeymoon was fabulous!!!   =)   I plan to add lots of photos of the wedding and Honeymoon over the next couple of weeks, but we are still trying to catch up on laundry, sleep, and cleaning, so be patient with me!!! =)

Mystery Gifts and Dissappearing Cameras?

- After the wedding, all the gifts were loaded up and brought to my parent's house.  Unfortunately, at least two of the gifts either had no tag or their tag was lost in transit.   If anyone knows who gave us the following, please let me know so that I can be sure to thank the right person!

Mystery Gift #1  - Pewter bowl (was in a blue & yellow flowery bag).

Mystery Gift #2 - Queen Amidala Portrait Edition Doll in Black Travel Gown.

- We also noticed that many of our disposable cameras turned up missing?   The idea was that people would take pictures at the wedding with these and then leave them on the table for us to develop.  Unfortunately, it seems some people must not have noticed the instruction cards on the table, because many of the cameras vanished.   I believe we had a total of around 16 cameras, but only found about 5 of them after the wedding?   If anyone has any of these cameras, we would greatly appreciate if you could send them to us or at least send us the negatives or double prints!!!

Website Updates:   Added link to Photographer's (Thomas Wintz) web page, where you can find proofs of the wedding photos.   


10/5/00 Less than 2 days left!!!   This will most likely be the last time I update the web page until we return from the honeymoon.   My dad may try to add some pictures to the site while we are on the honeymoon though.   

Website Updates:  Added more guest costumes to the "Guest Costume List".    Added a "Photo Gallery" page to post pictures of the wedding (just a place holder for now).   Removed RSVP form.

10/1/00 Less than a week to go!!!!   We are getting really excited (and a little stressed)!   If you know anyone that hasn't RSVP'd yet, who plans to attend the wedding, please tell them to do so NOW!   We'd hate to run out of food or beverages!  =P

Also, for those who are considering dressing up, don't forget about the costume contest!!!   Luckily, Halloween is right around the corner, so many local stores have tons of costumes....  If you don't have time to come up with an authentic Star Wars costume, you can always come as some other Star Wars looking alien - feel free to be creative!   The whole point is for everyone to have fun!   

Website Updates:  Minor updates to Costume pages and Costume Guest List.

9/24/00     If you haven't RSVP'd yet - please do so IMMEDIATELY!   We need this information to assure that we have enough food, beverages and chairs for everyone!  Also PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD to anyone else you know that plans to attend that hasn't RSVP'd yet.

Website Updates:  A few additions and deletions to the Guest Costume list.  Updated wedding party profiles.    Removed link to Sci-Fi Collectibles - Apparently they are no longer selling light sabers...?

Other Wedding related news/info....

Thanks to Charae & Jack for planning our hella-cool bachelorette & bachelor parties!  =)   Both took place the weekend of September 9th, and much fun was had by everyone.   

The bachelorette party took place in scenic New Orleans - we even had our very own room overlooking Bourbon Street!!!  =)   I also received lots of really cool lingerie, which I am saving for the honeymoon!  ;-)

The bachelor party involved a road trip in a really BIG SUV to Corpus Christi.   There was beach, alcohol, and probably lots of other stuff that Ben doesn't want me to know about... =P



Website Updates:  Added Guest Book, "What's New" page, updated RSVP form, added more costume links.

Need incentive to dress up for the wedding? - Check out the cool Star Wars prizes for the COSTUME CONTEST !!!

Don't forget to RSVP by September 7th if you plan to attend the wedding!!!  This is very important for us to assure that we have enough seating, food and drinks for everyone!!!