Our saga begins on November 7th, 1998...   at the 1998  Texas Renaissance Festival.

Benjamin Paul Efting proposed to Amy Simone Babin in front of a crowd of onlookers at the Texas Renaissance Festival.    Ben carefully planned the engagement and arranged to have himself and Amy pulled onto the stage of the King's Proclamation by the "wench Wanda".   Amy was completely unaware of  his plan and could not understand why Ben wanted to see the King's Proclamation so badly or why he was so determined to find the "wench Wanda".   Many of the stage shows at the Renaissance Festival involve audience participation, and Amy's first thought to being dragged on the stage was  that this was part of some cheesy stage act and that she would probably be forced to do something embarrassing, 
But much to her surprise, Ben had the ROCK to prove that this was no act!!!   Ben risked rejection in front of hundreds of people to propose in a most surprising and romantic fashion.    As soon as the shock wore off a little, Amy was happy to say YES !!! 

Ben is relieved and gives Amy a huge hug.   Amy stealthily shows off her awesome new ring to the audience mid-hug....


Ben & Amy in the water garden at the Renaissance Festival - November 7th, 1998 (shortly after the proposal)